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Loyalty as a Service

Providing an AI-driven, technology-first platform that keeps your customers engaged.Stars Ico

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Tailored Loyalty Program, Effortlessly Yours

Launch fast. Spend less. Grow more. Create a loyalty program that drives results.

One-click to create rewards

Initiate your loyalty program with a single click by configuring the percentage of rewards from each purchase.

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Personalised loyalty services

Incentivize customers for any valuable action to your business by implementing a loyalty program that rewards their continued dedication to your brand.

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Rewards settings

Paynocchio enables you to create a wide range of loyalty programs tailored to your customers' needs and preferences.

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Environments tools

AI-Driven Innovation in Customer Segment Management.

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Trusted by top-tier companies around the globe

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Enhancing Customer Experience: Preload Funds, Plan, and Earn Loyalty Rewards

Customers have the flexibility to pre-load funds into their wallet, enabling them to plan and spend ahead while earning loyalty rewards.

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Personalised loyalty wallet

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Add money and withdraw

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Exclusive and personalized offers

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Rewards at checkout

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Innovative Features You’ve Never Seen Before

Integrate Paynocchio into your customers' preferred shopping platforms to introduce novel features for upcoming Black Friday sales. Provide exclusive offers and tailored incentives to drive repeat purchases.

Benefits with Paynocchio

Monitor every stage of a transfer and quickly access transfer information.
Monitor every stage of a transfer and quickly access transfer information.
Monitor every stage of a transfer and quickly access transfer information.

Comprehensive Mobile Loyalty App

A powerful solution for consolidating all rewards and loyalty programs in a single, convenient platform.

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Here’s what people are saying about us

Sarah J., image

Sarah J.

Director of Customer Success, RetailCo
A Game-Changer for Customer Engagement & Retention! Alpha testing with Paynocchio has skyrocketed our customer engagement. The seamless integration and AI-driven insights transformed how we understand and interact with our customers. Highly recommended!
Lisa M., image

Lisa M.

Head of Marketing, FinPulse
A Must-Have for B2C Companies, I think... Simply put,Paynocchio is a must-have for any B2C company serious about customer retention. The wallet issuing processor has been revolutionary for us, providing valuable insights while keeping our customers engaged. It's a technological marvel!
John D., image

John D.

VP of Product, AirTravelEase
Many thanks, that is effortless and reliable! We couldn't be happier after switching to Paynocchio. Their closed-loop wallet solution is both effortless and reliable, with stellar customer support. Our clients love the simplicity!

How It Works

Explore our wallet issuing processor for your B2C company.

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